Stevens, Catherine

Catherine Stevens
David Burford
1798 - 5 JAN 1884
Margaret (Burford)
DEC 1814 - 23 MAR 1855
PARENT (M) John Wagley Gosser
Marriageto Catherine Stevens
PARENT (F) Catherine Stevens
Marriageto John Wagley Gosser
FatherRobert Stevens
MotherLovina Burford

I think I've been working on other lines to long and not looking at might just be possible that Burford was English...Lovina
Burford married Robert Stevens who was English...their daughter Catherine Stevens married John Wagley Gosser,,,I'm sending you the picture of the 50th anniversary of her and John and all children and grandchildren, they were married July 5, 1871 in Barker city, Penn. How long have you been working on this line? I have a copy of the last will and testament for Reuben, Jemimah is mentioned getting $30, kitchen furn..she was married to someone named Crawford. Reubens wife must have died by then because she isn't mentioned. Do you have any further information on Reuben. I'm related thru Reuben, son David ..daughter Lovina.
You are thru Jemimah correct? Usually people of the same race married the same way so its very possible Burford was English also but I know a lot of people by that name are from Norway and the family does later on marry into Norwegian families . I live in Olympia, Washington, its great to meet you and would love to trade information with you...Elaine
(Elaine A Dodd , 26-11-2003)

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