Rietveld, Maria

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Maria Rietveld
b: 1757
Luijt Rietveld
BET 1710 AND 1740 - AFT 1757
Philippus Kippersluijs
BET 1680 AND 1725 - AFT 1740
Joanna Kippersluijs
BET 1715 AND 1740 - AFT 1757
Aleida van den Ijssel
BET 1680 AND 1725 - AFT 1740
PARENT (M) Willem Wolswijk
Birth22 OCT 1756Aan den hoge dijk bij het Klaphek, Netherlands
Death1805 Jutphaas, Nederland
MarriageBEF 1796to Maria Rietveld
FatherChristiaan van Wolswijk
MotherJoanna van Schaik
PARENT (F) Maria Rietveld
Birth1757Agtersloot, Ijsselstein, Netherlands
MarriageBEF 1796to Willem Wolswijk
FatherLuijt Rietveld
MotherJoanna Kippersluijs
FJohanna Wolswijk
Birth19 DEC 1796Ijsselstein, Netherlands
DeathAFT 1849

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