Lyon, George Armstrong

George Armstrong Lyon Rev., D.D.
b: 1807
d: 24 MAR 1871
William Lyon
17 MAR 1729 - 7 FEB 1809
Samuel Lyon
20 JAN 1775 - BEF 1813
Ann Fleming
ABT 1756 - 12 JUN 1808
Jacob Broom
17 OCT 1752 - 25 APR 1810
Ester Willis Broom
ABT 1779 - 23 MAR 1819
Rachel Pierce
17 FEB 1752 - ABT 25 JUL 1823
PARENT (M) George Armstrong Lyon Rev., D.D.
Birth1807Pennsylvania, USA
Death24 MAR 1871 Avon Springs, NY
MarriageAPR 1829to Mary Sterrett at Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania
FatherSamuel Lyon
MotherEster Willis Broom
PARENT (F) Mary Sterrett
BirthABT 1807Cumberland, PA
DeathAFT 1841
MarriageAPR 1829to George Armstrong Lyon Rev., D.D. at Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania
FMargaret A. Lyon
Birth1830Pennsylvania, USA
DeathAFT 1886
MGeorge Armstrong Lyon Rear-Admiral, U.S.N.
Birth23 DEC 1837Pennsylvania, USA
Death6 MAR 1914Erie Co., PA
MAlexander McDonald Lyon
Birth2 SEP 1833Erie, PA
Death6 NOV 1869Erie Co., PA
MWilliam Wilberforce Lyon
Birth1841Pennsylvania, USA
Death19 OCT 1868Erie Co., PA
FHester Matilda Lyon
Birth28 SEP 1828Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA

  • 1807 - Birth - ; Pennsylvania, USA
  • 1 MAR 1805 - Birth - ; Maryland
  • 20 MAY 1807 - Baptism - ; Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • 24 MAR 1871 - Death - where he had gone to recuperate from his illness, although he lived i ; Avon Springs, NY
  • 29 JUN 1825 - Graduation - ; Carlisle, Cumberland, PA, USA
  • 1870 - Residence - ; Erie Ward 4, Erie, Pennsylvania, United States
  • 1840 - Residence - ; Erie, Pennsylvania, United States
  • 1850 - Residence - ; Erie West Ward, Erie, Pennsylvania
  • 1850 - Residence - ; Erie West Ward, Erie, Pennsylvania
  • 1870 - Residence - ; Erie Ward 4, Erie, Pennsylvania, United States
  • 1840 - Residence - ; Erie, Pennsylvania, United States
  • 1850 - Residence - ; Erie West Ward, Erie, Pennsylvania
  • 1850 - Residence - ; Erie West Ward, Erie, Pennsylvania

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George Armstrong Lyon Rev., D.D. b: 1807 d: 24 MAR 1871
Mary Sterrett b: ABT 1807 d: AFT 1841
Margaret A. Lyon b: 1830 d: AFT 1886
George Armstrong Lyon Rear-Admiral, U.S.N. b: 23 DEC 1837 d: 6 MAR 1914
Alexander McDonald Lyon b: 2 SEP 1833 d: 6 NOV 1869
William Wilberforce Lyon b: 1841 d: 19 OCT 1868
Hester Matilda Lyon b: 28 SEP 1828

REV. GEORGE ARMSTRONG LYON, D. D. , was born in Baltimore, Md., March 3, 1806. He was the son of Samuel and Betty W. (Brown) Lyon, daughter of the Hon. Jacob Brown, of Philadelphia. His ancestors came originally from Scotland and England, but his grandfather, William Lyon, emigrated to Pennsylvania from the North of Ireland and in connection with Gen. Armstrong, whose sister he married, surveyed and laid out the town of Carlisle. Dr. Lyon was early left an orphan, and made him home with his uncle, George A. Lyon, for whom he was named, a prominent citizen and lawyer of Carlisle. He was educated at Dickinson College, where he graduated in 1824, at the age of eighteen. He then entered the theological seminary at Princeton, and after finishing his course of study, was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Carlisle, on the 9th of April, 1828. During the summer he crossed the Alleghany Mountains on horseback, and spent the following winter between Fredonia, N. Y., and Erie, Penn. Receiving a call from the Presbyterian Church in each place, for reasons unknown to the writer, he decided to accept the one to Erie, and on Sept. 9, 1829, was ordained by the Presbytery of Erie, and installed pastor of the church there. In this capacity he remained the balance of his life, a period of over 41 years, his death having occurred March 24, 1871, at the age of sixty-five. "He was brought into the ministry just before the great spiritual harvest time of 1820 to 1832, and entered in as a vigorous and earnest and prayerful reaper, and came forth rejoicing, bringing many sheaves with him. The church was greatly edified, and other churches sprang from its roots and grew from its richness." He was a wise and zealous minister, and his undivided time and talents, as well as his own private means, were cheerfully given to advance the purposes and institutions of the Gospel in the county and elsewhere. As a preacher, was distinguished for the grave, affectionate and instructive nature of his sermons, for his logical force, a clear perception of the truth, clearness in stating it, and pungency in applying it. He was also distinguished for the aptness of his prayers, as all who remember them will testify, and for his ready sympathy for his parishioners and friends when in sorrow or trouble. His warm and practical charity was manifested repeatedly in both public and private actions; his whole soul was in his work, and he loved to preach the great central truths of the Gospel; at the same time he kept his heart close to the throbbing pulses of humanity, and his interest in all local and national questions which involved the ever-lasting principles of truth and equity was always keep and strong. He died at Avon Springs, N. Y., whither he had gone, hoping to recuperate his failing health. On Tuesday, March 28, 1871, his funeral services, which were very solemn and impressive, were held in the church in which he had so long ministered, and his body was consigned to the tomb in the Erie Cemetery. The funeral sermon was preached by the Rev. Richard Craighead, of Meadville, formerly of Carlisle, Penn., though in the services many of his brother ministers of various churches in the city participated.

Samuel P. Bates, History of Erie County, Pennsylvania, (Warner, Beers & Co.: Chicago, 1884), Part V, Biographical Sketches, City of Erie, pp. 922-923.

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