Hannum, John

John Hannum
b: 27 MAR 1712
d: 25 MAR 1773
John Hannum
1665 - 1730
John Hannum
27 MAR 1712 - 25 MAR 1773
Robert Southery
1649 - 1686
Margery Southery
ABT 1670 - 1742
(unknown) Gibbons
BET 1645 AND 1660 -
PARENT (M) John Hannum
Birth27 MAR 1712Concord, Chester, PA, USA
Death25 MAR 1773 Concord, Chester, PA, USA
Marriage8 AUG 1741to Jane Neal at Chester, PA
FatherJohn Hannum
MotherMargery Southery
PARENT (F) Jane Neal
Marriage8 AUG 1741to John Hannum at Chester, PA

  • 27 MAR 1712 - Birth - ; Concord, Chester, PA, USA
  • 25 MAR 1773 - Death - ; Concord, Chester, PA, USA


John Hannum b: 27 MAR 1712 d: 25 MAR 1773

November 20, 1760
The Pennsylvania Gazette

Philadelphia, November 17, 1760
LOST, on the third Instant, on the Road between John Hannum,
in Concord Township, Chester County, and Hayes, at Chadd
Ford, or between said Hayesand Thomas WoodwardSurveyor,
in East Marlborough Township, County aforesaid, a Pinchbeck
Watch, with a China Face, having a small semicircular Crack on
the Edge of the Face, at or near the Figure XI. and a Bruise
on the Outside Case. The Key was tied to it with a brown
Sattin Ribbon, much worn. Whoever will bring the same to said
John Hannum, or Thomas Woodward, or to the New Printing
Office, in Philadelphia, shall receive Fifteen Shillings
Reward for their Trouble; and as it is so remarkable for the
Crack abovementioned, it is hoped, that if offered to Sale to
an Persons who have seen this Advertisement, they will stop it
and bring it as above directed.

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