Frampton, Hugh Reid

Hugh Reid Frampton
b: 10 JAN 1826
d: 4 FEB 1907
William II Frampton
15 SEP 1742 - 15 OCT 1829
David Frampton
5 AUG 1780 - 5 MAR 1847
Sarah Staley
20 JAN 1755 - 6 JUL 1829
Hugh Reid Frampton
10 JAN 1826 - 4 FEB 1907
Abraham Lobaugh
6 FEB 1746 - AFT 1800
Hannah Lobaugh
25 OCT 1781 - 6 JUL 1857
Mary Seidel
1748 - AFT 1800
PARENT (M) Hugh Reid Frampton
Birth10 JAN 1826Reidsburg, Clarion, PA, USA
Death4 FEB 1907 Curllsville, Clarion, PA, USA
Marriage1846to Pauline McKee
FatherDavid Frampton
MotherHannah Lobaugh
PARENT (F) Pauline McKee
Marriage1846to Hugh Reid Frampton
MDavid Marion Frampton

  • 10 JAN 1826 - Birth - ; Reidsburg, Clarion, PA, USA
  • 1826 - Birth -
  • 4 FEB 1907 - Death - ; Curllsville, Clarion, PA, USA

[S368]Pennsylvania, Department of Health, Death Certificates

Hugh Reid Frampton b: 10 JAN 1826 d: 4 FEB 1907
Pauline McKee b: 1827 d: 1885
David Marion Frampton b: 1849 d: 1918
Henrietta Wilson b: 1848 d: 1907
Nellie Frampton b: BET 1870 AND 1895

Newspaper Obituary from the Clarion Democrat 2/7/1907
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FRAMPTON H. R. - February 7, 1907 - There was a general expression of sorrow when the announcement was made that H. R. Frampton of Curllsville, more familiarly known as "Reed" or "Deacon" Frampton, had died last Monday afternoon, February 2, 1907, after a comparatively brief illness caused by an attack of pneumonia. Mr. Frampton was known far and wide by his middle name which was used as an appellation of kindly regard on the part of all because he bore to all an esteem and affection which led him to "do good to all men, so far as possible," thus gaining their confidence and love. The name of "Deacon" as applied to him was used out of reverence for the position by which he honored by the church of his choice and which he in turn honored by a worthy upright and consistent life. He held the position of Deacon in Zion Baptist Church at Reidsburg for a period of 55 years and was one of the principal men who founded and built up that once widely known organizationo. Up to the last he regarded it as "the apple of his eye", and regretted the departure of more prosperous days.

Mr. Frampton was the youngest heir of David and Hannah Frampton and the last living of a family of 11 children. He was born January 10, 1826 in Armstrong, now Clarion county, on the old Frampton homestead near Reidsburg. He was married to Miss Pauline McKee and to them were born 6 children, 5 of whom are left to mourn the loss of a noble and good father. The children are: Mrs. Isaac Myers, Butler; Mary and Laura at home; D. M. of Clarion, and Thurston Frampton of Monroe township; Mrs. Frampton died a number of years ago. the funeral will be held at Reidsburg in the church for which he labored so long and faithfully, today, Thursday, at 1 o'clock p.m., Rev. George Boddis having charge of the services. After a long and useful life, he rests from his labors and his works do follow him.

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