Frampton, Abraham

Abraham Frampton
b: 23 MAY 1805
d: 1853
William II Frampton
15 SEP 1742 - 15 OCT 1829
David Frampton
5 AUG 1780 - 5 MAR 1847
Sarah Staley
20 JAN 1755 - 6 JUL 1829
Abraham Frampton
23 MAY 1805 - 1853
Abraham Lobaugh
6 FEB 1746 - AFT 1800
Hannah Lobaugh
25 OCT 1781 - 6 JUL 1857
Mary Seidel
1748 - AFT 1800
PARENT (M) Abraham Frampton
Birth23 MAY 1805Lewistown, Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA
Death1853 Pennsylvania, USA
Marriage26 JUN 1824to Sarah Elliott at Clarion, PA, USA
FatherDavid Frampton
MotherHannah Lobaugh
PARENT (F) Sarah Elliott
Birth1810Lewistown, Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA
Death16 AUG 1893
Marriage26 JUN 1824to Abraham Frampton at Clarion, PA, USA
FMary Frampton
Birth1843Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA
Death1916Hastings, NE, USA
MWilliam Elliott Frampton
Birth1 MAY 1830
Death14 FEB 1861
MHunter Frampton
FHannah Frampton

  • 23 MAY 1805 - Birth - ; Lewistown, Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA
  • 1805 - Birth -
  • 1853 - Death - ; Pennsylvania, USA


Abraham Frampton b: 23 MAY 1805 d: 1853
Sarah Elliott b: 1810 d: 16 AUG 1893
Mary Frampton b: 1843 d: 1916
William Elliott Frampton b: 1 MAY 1830 d: 14 FEB 1861
Hunter Frampton b: 1848 d: 1916
Hannah Frampton b: 1837 d: 1916

edited by A. J. Davis, 1887

"In 1836 James IWilson settled where he now resides.

Among the other early settlers were Christopher Over, George Heeter, sr., George Elliott, sr., William Elliott, sr., John Dunkle, Htigh Kilgore, John L. Reid, Abram Frampton, Henry Alexander, and others, whose descendants still live in the township.

The excellent water-power of the township and the mineral and forestry resources have given considerable activity to the milling, lumbering, and iron industries from time to time.

Grist-Mills. -- As early as 1814 Alexander Wilson built a grist-mill on the Clarion, a short distance from the mouth of Licking. This mill was burned, and soon after being rebuilt it was again burned. A man named Myers had built a rival establishment about two hundred yards up Licking, and the fact that a controversy arose between Wilson and Myers gave currency to a rumor that Myers burned the mill, but the crime was never proven against him. The mill was put up a third time, and it went to decay when Mr. Wilson became too old to operate it. In connection with the first two structures a carding-machine was erected, which was operated by John Craig. The Myers mill was sold to Michael Reichart, late of Perry township, who sold it to Abram Frampton. Mr. Frampton saw the advantage of being located on the "pike," which had been laid out from Graham's Landing (now Parker) to the place where the pike now crosses the Jefferson county line, so he proceeded to build a new mill where the road crossed Licking. This mill has long been known as Craig's mill, now owned by W. Craig, jr. The machinery of Frampton's old mill was set up in a mill at Matildaville, and ran for a long time."

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