Foster, Margery

Margery Foster
b: 1767
d: ABT 1842
(John?) Foster
James Foster
BET 1740 AND 1760 - ABT APR 1796
(Wife of John?)_ Foster
Margery Foster
1767 - ABT 1842
PARENT (M) George Stewart
BirthABT 1748Ireland
DeathABT 1843 Pennsylvania, USA
Marriage10 AUG 1786to Margery Foster at Donegal, Ireland
PARENT (F) Margery Foster
Birth1767Donegal Co., Ireland
DeathABT 1842 Westmoreland, PA
Marriage10 AUG 1786to George Stewart at Donegal, Ireland
FatherJames Foster
MotherCatherine White
M(unknown male) Stewart
BirthABT 1787Donegal Co., Ireland
DeathBEF 1796Westmoreland, PA
F(unknown female) Stewart
BirthABT 1788Donegal Co., Ireland
DeathBEF 1796Westmoreland, PA
F(unknown female2) Stewart
BirthABT 1793Westmoreland, PA
DeathABT 1798Westmoreland, PA
MWilliam Stewart
Birth11 APR 1792Westmoreland, PA
MJames Stewart
Birth10 MAY 1798Westmoreland, PA
MGeorge Stewart
Birth15 APR 1801Westmoreland, PA

  • 1767 - Birth - ; Donegal Co., Ireland
  • ABT 1842 - Death - ; Westmoreland, PA

Margery Foster b: 1767 d: ABT 1842
George Stewart b: ABT 1748 d: ABT 1843
(unknown male) Stewart b: ABT 1787 d: BEF 1796
(unknown female) Stewart b: ABT 1788 d: BEF 1796
(unknown female2) Stewart b: ABT 1793 d: ABT 1798
William Stewart b: 11 APR 1792
James Stewart b: 10 MAY 1798
Mary Ann Gallagher b: BET 1795 AND 1800
George Stewart b: 15 APR 1801
Mary Sidler b: BET 1800 AND 1805

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