Foster, James

James Foster
b: BET 1740 AND 1760
d: ABT APR 1796
(John?) Foster
James Foster
BET 1740 AND 1760 - ABT APR 1796
(Wife of John?)_ Foster
PARENT (M) James Foster
BirthBET 1740 AND 1760Probably Donegal, Ireland
DeathABT APR 1796 Westmoreland, PA
MarriageBET 1778 AND 1783to Catherine White at Donegal, Ireland
Father(John?) Foster
Mother(Wife of John?)_ Foster
PARENT (F) Catherine White
Death Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania, USA
MarriageBET 1778 AND 1783to James Foster at Donegal, Ireland
FMargery Foster
Birth1767Donegal Co., Ireland
DeathABT 1842Westmoreland, PA
MJames White Foster
BirthABT 1784Ireland
DeathABT 1870Gettysburg, Adams Co., PA
MRobert Foster
BirthBET 1770 AND 1772Ireland
DeathWestmoreland, PA
MAlexander Foster
DeathAFT 1850Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania, USA
FCatherine Foster
Death1813Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania, USA
FPolly (Mary?) Foster
BirthBET 1780 AND 1782Ireland
DeathAFT 1850Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania, USA

  • BET 1740 AND 1760 - Birth - ; Probably Donegal, Ireland
  • ABT APR 1796 - Death - ; Westmoreland, PA
  • 1790 - Emmigration - ; to Mercersburg, PA via Wilmington, DE.

James Foster b: BET 1740 AND 1760 d: ABT APR 1796
Margery Foster b: 1767 d: ABT 1842
George Stewart b: ABT 1748 d: ABT 1843
(unknown male) Stewart b: ABT 1787 d: BEF 1796
(unknown female) Stewart b: ABT 1788 d: BEF 1796
(unknown female2) Stewart b: ABT 1793 d: ABT 1798
William Stewart b: 11 APR 1792
James Stewart b: 10 MAY 1798
Mary Ann Gallagher b: BET 1795 AND 1800
George Stewart b: 15 APR 1801
Mary Sidler b: BET 1800 AND 1805
James White Foster b: ABT 1784 d: ABT 1870
Catherine Sloop b: ABT 1795 d: ABT 1870
Robert Foster b: BET 1770 AND 1772
Alexander Foster b: 1775 d: AFT 1850
Martha Ralston d: AFT 1850
James Foster b: ABT 1800
Margery Foster b: ABT 1802 d: 1888
Allen Foster b: BET 1800 AND 1812
Alexander Foster b: BET 1800 AND 1812
Margaret Scott b: BET 1800 AND 1805
David White Foster b: 17 JAN 1814 d: 1849
Sarah Elizabeth Hastings d: 19 JAN 1836
John Alexander Hastings Foster b: ABT 1834 d: 1874
Catherine Foster b: 1779 d: 1813
Polly (Mary?) Foster b: BET 1780 AND 1782 d: AFT 1850


Married Catherine White, and settled in Donegal County, Ireland, where all
his six children were born. In the fall of 1790, when his youngest child was
six years old, he came with his family to America. After sailing eleven
weeks, they landed at Wilmington, Delaware, and thence journeyed to
Mercersburg, PA., where they had friends. There they remained till the
following spring; then again they took up their journey, crossing the
Allegheny Mountains on mules. The oldest daughter, Margery, married to her
full cousin, George Stewart, had a son about the same age as her youngest
brother; the two boys were carried on a mule in a pack-saddle, one on each
side, and sometimes becoming weary, they begged leave to walk awhile; once
they lagged behind, and the mothers, turning to look after them, found that
they had stopped in a potato patch, where persons were either planting or
lifting potatoes, and little James W. Foster was filling his little breeches
pocket with potatoes. His mother asked him what he was doing, and he said he
was "gathering praties, for we might na' get any mare;" but he had to empty
his pockets, leave his "praties," and march on. They traveled single files
over the mule path, probably the trail path, which afterwards became a wagon
road, and finally the pike from Pittsburgh to Baltimore. They reached the
Loyalhanna, three miles north of what is now known as New Alexandria. There
they located beside Mr. Freeman, a friend from the "Old Country." On the
26th of May, 1791, James Foster and George Stewart bought the original
homestead tract from Elias Davis, of Mercersburg, PA., 196 acres, for 194
pounds, about twenty-two years after the first land titles are said to have
been issued in this country. Here they erected a log cabin of a size
sufficient to accommodate the two families, his own and that of his
son-in-law, George Stewart; and here they lived together several years
surrounded by dense woods, in which the Indians still prowled, frequently
giving them alarm by night, sometimes yelling and whooping so near that they
were compelled to desert their home and hide themselves in the fort, built
for that purpose, or in hollow trees when they had not time to reach the
fort. The last time that they were thus compelled to take to flight, it is
said that while the others were hastening to a place of safety, James Sr.,
refused to go, and taking his youngest boy, James White, in his arms, said
that "he and his Benjamin would hide themselves in the Lord, and they would
not be afraid." However, none of his family were ever molested by the


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