Fleming, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Fleming
James Fleming
ABT 1703 - 1767
William Fleming
ABT 1736 - BET 1798 AND 1802
Ann Wilson
ABT 1707 - AFT 1767
Elizabeth Fleming
John Parker
ABT 1716 - ABT 1785
Mary Parker
BET 1738 AND 1748 - ABT JUN 1792
Margaret McClure
ABT 1716 - ABT MAY 1792

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  • UNKNOWN - Death -


Book P, Volume 1, page 271: Job Randolph et al. to Paul Randolph, dated Ap ril 2nd, 1802, April 1st, 1803 [recorded?], land in Middleton Township. Fr om Cumberland Co. Histor. Soc. Randolph Records (typewritten MS abstracti ng co. records), p. 3, copy in Records of Richard R. Wilson: Book GG, Vol ume 1, page 52, Paul Randolph by assignment from Elizabeth Crain, dated No v. 8th, 1815, recorded April 3rd, 1827. William Crain and Elizabeth, his w ife, in right of said Elizabeth. For $200 paid by Paul Randolph, relea se or assign interest of Elizabeth Crain to estate of John Fleming, la te of North Middleton Township. William Crain and Elizabeth Crain sign. Wi tnesses: John Elliott, William F. Randolph. Note --
North Middleton: the land that lies between Carlisle and the North or Kitt ochtinny Mountains on the north is the section where the Randolphs live d. [Note by Richard Wilson: This Elizabeth Crain prob. Susannah's siste r, b. Elizabeth Fleming. Both were siblings of the late John Fleming.]

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