Broom, Rachel Maria

Rachel Maria Broom
b: 20 JUL 1788
d: 1864
James Broom
BET 1712 AND 1716 - BET 15 JUL 1791 AND SEP 1794
Jacob Broom
17 OCT 1752 - 25 APR 1810
Esther Willis
BET 1722 AND 1724 - BEF 1791
Rachel Maria Broom
20 JUL 1788 - 1864
Robert Pierce
1726 - AFT 1773
Rachel Pierce
17 FEB 1752 - ABT 25 JUL 1823
Elizabeth (Pierce)
ABT 1730 - 23 MAY 1795
PARENT (M) Joseph Pierce Grant
BirthSEP 1786Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Death1858 Baltimore, Maryland, USA
MarriageABT 1810to Rachel Maria Broom
PARENT (F) Rachel Maria Broom
Birth20 JUL 1788Wilmington, DE
MarriageABT 1810to Joseph Pierce Grant
FatherJacob Broom
MotherRachel Pierce
MEdward Barton Grant
Birth20 JUN 1829Phila, Pennsylvania, USA
Death23 JUL 1906Mount Vernon, New York, USA
MJames B. Grant
BirthAFT 1810Baltimore, MD

  • 20 JUL 1788 - Birth - ; Wilmington, DE
  • 6 MAY 1791 - Baptism - ; Old Swedes Church
  • 1864 - Death -

[S142]One World Tree (sm)

Rachel Maria Broom b: 20 JUL 1788 d: 1864
Joseph Pierce Grant b: SEP 1786 d: 1858
Edward Barton Grant b: 20 JUN 1829 d: 23 JUL 1906
James B. Grant b: AFT 1810

Cincinnati, The Queen City, Volume III, 1912
Pages 223-224
Transcribed by Linda Thompson, Wabash, IN

Edward Schwarz Grant, who from the outset of his business career has been an exporter and shipper of pork products at Cincinnati, was born in Baltimore, Maryland, March 4, 1857, and comes of an ancestry honorable and distinguished. The first members of the Grant family in America came from Scotland in 1652. They were supporters of the house of Stuart during the Cromwellian wars and were with the defeated army of King James at the battle of Worcester. They settled in Boston and resided there continuously until early in the nineteenth century, when Joseph P. Grant removed to Baltimore. The family has always been intensely American in spirit and interest and for the past two hundred and fifty years has been connected with all of the important events which have left their impress upon the history of the nation. In colonial days one of the great-grandfathers of Edward S. Grant assisted in caring for the Scottish clan Grant sent to the new world to aid in the wars against King Philip, the Indian chief. Every member of this regiment of five hundred men belonged to the Grant family, as the old Scottish clans formed in families. Four brothers of the name came from Scotland together in 1652, when the family was permanently planted on American soil, and from one of these brothers the family of President Grant descended and from another came the branch to which the Cincinnati Grants belong. The coat of arms of the family is an emblazoned shield with three burning bushes or torches above the words "Stand fast" below. The burning bushes represent the mountain signals in Scotland during times of war.
Moses Grant, the great-grandfather of Edward S. Grant, was one of the party who threw the tea overboard in Boston harbor prior to the Revolution. It was his son Joseph P. Grant who was the first of the name to leave Boston and, removing to Baltimore, Maryland, was there married to Miss Maria Broom, a daughter of Jacob Broom, who was a signer of the constitution of the United States and a member of the first three national congresses. Their son James B. Grant, father of E. S. Grant, was born in Baltimore and, having arrived at years of maturity married Amelia Schwarz, daughter of Dr. Gustave Schwarz, who was born in Saxony and was a surgeon in the Prussian division of Wellington's army at the battle of Waterloo. Her grandfather on her mother's side was in the Pennsylvania Flying Camp during the revolution and was wounded in the battle of Long Island.
Born in Baltimore, Edward S. Grant was brought by his parents to Cincinnati in his childhood days and supplemented his early education by study in St. Xavier College of this city, but entered business circles before his graduation. His commercial record is well known to his fellow townsmen. He has by close application, persistent energy and watchfulness over the trade built up an extensive business as an exporter and shipper of pork products.
On the 16th of October, 1878, at Covington, Kentucky, Mr. Grant was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth L. Greet, a daughter of James A. Greer, of that city. She is a representative of an old Maryland family on her mother's side and her paternal grandfather was born in northern Ireland early in the last century and settled in Kentucky, where he became prominent in business circles. Mr. and Mrs. Grant have become parent of four sons and a daughter. Harry L. Grant, residing in Chicago, was married June 3, 1911, to Miss Margaret Scribner, of New York. James Pierce Grant, residing in Montclair, New Jersey, married Miss Drue Underwood, of Covington, Kentucky, and they have two lovely little daughters. Edward Chester Grant is engaged in apple culture at Kennewick in the state of Washington. Jules S. Grant was married in November, 1910, to Miss Bess Caswell, of Chicago, and they reside in Cleveland. The only daughter, Eleanor, is with her parents.

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