Broom, Hetty Willis

Hetty Willis Broom
b: BEF 1790
d: AFT FEB 1821
James Broom
BET 1712 AND 1716 - BET 15 JUL 1791 AND SEP 1794
Abraham Broom
ABT 1755 - 21 FEB 1835
Esther Willis
BET 1722 AND 1724 - BEF 1791
Hetty Willis Broom
BEF 1790 - AFT FEB 1821
Elizabeth Rumsey
BET 1750 AND 1770 - AFT 1791
PARENT (M) John Ladson Hall
Birth2 OCT 1775South Carolina
Death1831 Charleston, South Carolina
Marriage1805to Hetty Willis Broom at NC?
PARENT (F) Hetty Willis Broom
BirthBEF 1790
DeathAFT FEB 1821 NC?
Marriage1805to John Ladson Hall at NC?
FatherAbraham Broom
MotherElizabeth Rumsey
MJames Broom Hall
Birth16 FEB 1821NC?
Death8 MAR 1901NY?

  • BEF 1790 - Birth -
  • AFT FEB 1821 - Death - ; NC?

[S49]Charles Hillman email correspondence with LvR

Hetty Willis Broom b: BEF 1790 d: AFT FEB 1821
John Ladson Hall b: 2 OCT 1775 d: 1831
James Broom Hall b: 16 FEB 1821 d: 8 MAR 1901

Hetty Willis is mentioned as a daughter of Abraham in his father James' will. However, no other record for her, or another daughter, Eliza, has been found after that. In the 1800 census, the record shows one daughter above 10 years old, so at least one of the two girls had died before 1800.

There is a report of a Hetty Willis Broom marrying someone in the South who had been confused with Jacob's daughter Ester Willis (also called Hetty). This second Hetty Willis could be the daughter of Abraham.

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