Descendants of James McCullough

... 1730 - 1788, York, PA. Including related families of Lyon, Broom, Brinton & Bagley

Descendants of Nathan Thomas

... including Peter Thomas (1822 - 1912) and related families of Dufford, Gruver, Hays

Descendants of Jan Eersten van Rooijen

... including Piekar/Picard, Franke, Mulder & Angevaare

Descendants of Andrew Ivory

... including related families of Steele, Crawford, Morrison & Burford
Mixed Genes Family Tree is the sister site of our primary Mixed Genes Family History site, where you can find historical information on many early settlers of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

This site contains a clickable family tree for all of our known ancestors and many of their descendants. You can reach specific individuals or branches though the person index (use first and last name to narrow results), and also the slider links above and branch links below.

Most of our ancestors immigrated from the UK and Ireland - and a few from the Netherlands or the Palatinate - in the period 1620 - 1760. Early locations include the Chester/Philadelphia area and Cumberland/Carlisle in Pennsylvania, Long Island, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware. By the early 1800's, most had migrated through central Pennsylvania to settle in Western Pennsylvania, particularly in Armstrong, Jefferson, Clarion and Butler counties. Only the Van Rooijen branch has remained in the Netherlands.

The clickable tree includes trees dating back to the 1700's and in some cases the 1600's or earlier. Main surnames include McCullough, Thomas, Lyon, Broom (including Jacob Broom, signer of the US Constitution), Dufford, Ivory, Hays, Van Rooijen and many others.